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AKC solutions International was set up in October 2003 under the name English Institute within the Protestant University of Central Africa in Yaoundé. In 2007, AKC SOLUTIONS International was set up in America in North Carolina and the key activity was Information Technology Services.

In 2011, AKC Solutions International in USA and English institute in Cameroon joined together to give birth to AKC SOLUTIONS International British and American English Center.

The American partners represented by Anna Hosom and Maurice Komyoing and the Cameroonian partner represented by Benjamin Komsikoh Sissia agreed to work together to promote English language, German language, French language, Spanish language, Italian language, studies abroad, work abroad and IT services in Cameroon. AKC Solutions International is an international company recognized both locally and globally. It is a legal company recognized by the Cameroonian government since 2011. Our business license number is : P017300503285W; Our tax payer number is and our RC number is: P017318449685G --- RC/YAO/2011/A/2069

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Our Mission + -

Promoting bilingualism in Cameroon English and French.

Promoting other languages in Cameroon such as German, Spanish, Chinese, and Italian etc.

Promoting Information Technology in Cameroon.

Promoting legal immigration.

Counseling and recommending our partner universities to students.

Sending students to universities for admission.

Applying and securing admission offers.

Following up with visa counseling until students enroll and get the visa.

Placing our best students in the top universities abroad: United Kingdom, Canada, USA? Austria, New Zealand, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Ukraine.

Providing expert advice and guidance to students for different levels of study from foundation programs to undergraduate and postgraduate. We are partners with over 500 institutes in the world.

Providing expert advice and guidance for jobs abroad.

Welcoming and installing our students and workers in the host countries.

As an International Education consultancy, we wish to break down illegal immigration and help a great number of people ( children, adults ) to travel all around the world legally by the year 2035.

Making the dreams of most Cameroonians to be bilingual a reality by 2035.

Setting up AKC Solutions International in the 10 regions in Cameroon.

Promoting multilingualism in Cameroon in order to open up lots of opportunities to young Cameroonians.

Building our own premises to better serve Cameroonians.







Hard work